What people are saying about Diamond Entertainment & Diamond Karaoke.
"We've worked with Diamond Entertainment for over a year now, and we couldn't be happier! They continually upgrade their gear to provide the best in live audio at an unbeatable price. Their engineers and technicians are some of the best in the business." - Billy Lucas of RadioStar, Austin, TX

"Diamond Entertainment is always reliable, efficient and completely professional. Encore proudly uses them exclusively for all of our events."
- John Montez of Encore, Austin, TX
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"I love Diamond Karaoke, especially Brian and Kristen. Brian has worked hard on the song selection and all the KJs are awesome and nice.  If you're there often they remember your name.  I've been away for months at times and they still remember me.  They're all great singers, too. " - Nicola S. Austin, TX

"I like how the KJ worked the rotation of singers, she didn't seem to play favorites.  The people there seem pretty cool.  If you love karaoke, and want to try out some new songs, or even old, obscure ones, this is the place for you!"
- Dawn E.  Austin, TX

"I like that they have a huge selection of songs and that they take requests that aren't in the book.  And that the karaoke host (yes, they have one!) cheers me on when I'm feeling really lame and forgetting the melody to the song I'm about to sing.  Oof."
- Lauren A. Austin, TX

"I'd suggest stopping by for karaoke when hosted by Diamond Karaoke who has the largest karaoke selection in town!" - Kelly S. Austin, TX

"The sound system is good and the song selection is extensive." - Nicole P. Austin, TX

"I was floored by the sheer volume of selections. I think pretty much any song you'd ever want to sing, short of obscure indie bands who only release music on LPs, is available. It was almost too hard to decide, with so many options." - Tom H. Austin, TX

"Brian from Diamond Karaoke probably has one of the biggest and most diverse collection of modern songs among the karaoke djs in Austin." - Mark H. Austin, TX

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